I understand why 'coloured' is a racist and offensive term. However, I don't understand why 'of colour' is somehow acceptable - often from black people complaining about the former term.

@andyc people with a disability > disabled people (or worse, 'the disabled').

As others here have alluded to, it's (partly, at least) about stigma and defining people as (individual) people like everyone else, or othering and homogenising them by reference to particular (stigmatised) characteristics.

Hence 'the Indian' - racist YES.

Then again, you wouldn't say 'people who are black'. So wtf do I know?

@dvdmrsdn Agree with all of that and clearly I'm not Greg Clarke but, in a pub, I might casually ask you

'Hi David - why do you think there are so few black managers in English footy ?'

But what staggers me is how dense he is, given his role and the fact it was in a public forum - screened live.

For all the taking the knee, Kick It Out, platitudes, armbands etc, we clearly have a long way to go.

Most depressing though is the fact that the successor to Clarke will be voted for by his mates.


@andyc @dvdmrsdn

We can’t be colour blind ‘til the stigma has gone.

However, we can discuss race and colour effectively. When race is relevant to the discussion, bring it (including identifying the white people in the situation). When race isn’t an issue leave it out. Same with gender.

The examples in the thread already show this appropriately, I think:
- the lack of Black managers in football: race relevant
- burning food in the oven: race not relevant

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